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We connect travelers with individual timeshare owners.

Owners can share their timeshares with travelers during their off-times.

Travelers get top-notch stays at prices that outshine hotels.

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Best of both worlds: hotels meet vacation rentals!

“Timeshare units offer the best of both worlds: they come equipped with kitchens, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and even washers & dryers, just like Airbnb or VRBO homes. Yet, they also boast hotel-style perks like pools, restaurants, a front desk, on-site cleaning, maintenance, and security.”

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You’ll never need a tour with us! Our prices tend to be more affordable since our rentals usually come directly from individual timeshare owners, rather than from the resorts. This gives owners the freedom to set more flexible rates.

Most timeshare owners operate on fixed reservations. While there might be occasional listings for less than a week, the majority of timeshare rentals are in one-week segments, like Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday. Don’t hesitate to ask about a listing; the owner might have the flexibility you’re looking for.

Fees such as all-inclusive, taxes, or other resort-related charges should always be specified in the listings. We do apply a minimal service fee for ‘Verified & Protected’ rental bookings to manage the transaction. Beyond this, members can engage with owners and proceed with renting or buying without any extra charges.

Yes! All timeshare owners can post their timeshares for rent or sell on International Resort Network. If you own a timeshare, start here.

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